Liquid Level Controllers present to you one of the most advanced sophisticated & innovative systems for automatic control of liquid levels. The Liquid Level Controllers are based on the latest in electronic IC technology, designed to eliminate waste of water, save energy and work quietly & efficiently without the need of manpoewer.

Always performing in all environments & conditions, the Ocleg LLC's are the ideal controllers to operate pumps automatically and efficiently & have these special and exclusive hight performance features:

  • Fully automatic - no manpower required, As LLC's automatically sense required levels and START/STOP pumps.
  • Avoid Overflow.
  • Protection against dry running.
  • Energy Saving : as pumps automatically switch off at required level.
  • Higher durability for longer life : since completly electronic and no mechanical systems.
  • All probes are stainless steel to guard aginst corrosion.



LLC Models - designed and engineered for automatic pump operation

  • LLC 1 : Designed for 3 phase motor with DOL or FASD starter.
  • LLC 2 : Developed and ideal for use with single phase pump motor up to 2 HP.
  • LLC 001 : Specially tailored and custom built to work in compatibility with OCLEG electronic motor starters.
  • LLC 2-S : Specially developed for single phase submersible pump panels.
  • LLC 1-F / LLC 2-F : LLC1 /LLC2 + Flow senser provided. If motor is stopped due to dry running, Restarting again is possible manually only.
  • LLC 1-FA / LLC 2-FA / LLC 002-FA : LLC 1 /LLC 2 /LLC 001 + Flow senser provided with auto restart delay facility.


  • From Underground to Overhead Tank
  • Underground Tank
  • Over Tank